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Who we are

DMG SICILY EXPORT is a company based in Castellammare del Golfo (TP), born from the passion and initiative of Gaetano Di Bartolo for the "Enhancement of Sicilian products".

Welcome to the universe of DMG SICILY EXPORT! We are a company with deep roots in Castellammare del Golfo, a place where passion and enterprise come together to give life to the "Enhancement of Sicilian products".

Guided by the vision of Gaetano Di Bartolo, founder and beating soul of our reality, we are committed with dedication and commitment to transforming the very essence of Sicily into a unique experience through our marketplace. Our mission is clear: to create a bridge between the throbbing heart of local production and those seeking authenticity, quality and a genuine link with the territory.

Every step we take, every product we select, is motivated by a sincere desire to preserve and promote the island's magnificent heritage. Our company goal is not only commercial, it is a declaration of love towards Sicily itself. We are committed to respecting and honoring the land that has given us its treasures, and at the same time ensuring that every customer who comes to us can enjoy a uniquely satisfying experience.

We believe that the products we provide are the very quintessence of Made in Sicily: a fascinating mix of intense flavours, culinary tradition handed down from generation to generation and the incomparable art of local craftsmanship. We are convinced that each product we present is an authentic ambassador of the joy and taste that only Sicily can offer.

Thus, through the colours, scents and flavors that emerge from our products, we want to bring the warmth of the Sicilian sun into every home, every table and every heart that chooses to share this extraordinary adventure with us. We are DMG SICILY EXPORT and we are here to transform every moment into an unforgettable experience, weaving a global network of connections through our shared love for the timeless beauty of Sicily.